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Valentine’s Day

I’m such a sucker for this holiday. I don’t usually expect to get things, but I think it’s a fun excuse to do something special for the person you love. This year I decided to get creative and make Thomas a card by crocheting a heart and gluing the word “Love” underneath the hear. It… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

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The beginning of weaning

I’ve mentioned weaning before, but that was MONTHS ago. January marked 16 months of nursing. I honestly didn’t think we would go this long, but I’m following Anthony’s lead and don’t want to cut him off until he’s ready, or until I’m 100% done. I think our nursing journey will be coming to an end… Continue reading The beginning of weaning


Getting More Sleep and a Positive Attitude

Anthony has finally started to sleep through the night again (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!!!) It’s been 5 days now, I think. Since he’s been back into his usual routine of sleeping from 8:30/9pm -8am I have found that I feel happier, and more positive about life. I’m a huge fan of sleeping, HUGE FAN!… Continue reading Getting More Sleep and a Positive Attitude