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The beginning of weaning

I’ve mentioned weaning before, but that was MONTHS ago. January marked 16 months of nursing. I honestly didn’t think we would go this long, but I’m following Anthony’s lead and don’t want to cut him off until he’s ready, or until I’m 100% done. I think our nursing journey will be coming to an end… Continue reading The beginning of weaning

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Nursing bracelet review

A couple weeks ago a small shop I follow on Instagram called¬†DearLovesCompany¬†made a post about looking for bloggers to collaborate with and write a review for their nursing bracelets. I have followed them for a while and got really excited about it, so I sent them an email and they let me know they were… Continue reading Nursing bracelet review

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Midnight Bedtime

The last two nights have been awful for bed time. Anthony will fall asleep nursing, I’ll put him in the crib and the minute I walk out of his room, he screams. What. The. Heck. I always knew eventually bed time would turn into a huge ordeal, just didn’t expect it to happen out of… Continue reading Midnight Bedtime

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Breastfeeding In Public

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I’m going to share a few breast feeding stories. Before giving birth, it seemed like I would always come across an article about someone reacting negatively to a mom who breastfed in public. I eventually realized and noticed how comfortable our city is with breastfeeding/baby wearing/cloth diapering. I am… Continue reading Breastfeeding In Public

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Breastfeeding And Vasospasms

So many people say “breast is best”. I actually dislike that term so much. I understand the benefits of breastfeeding, but I think “fed is best” Breastfeeding was HARD in the beginning. So hard. I feel like it’s a personal choice whether you decide to breastfeed or formula feed, and no one should be judged… Continue reading Breastfeeding And Vasospasms