Berry Picking

We took Anthony berry picking for the first time today. I was so much fun! We went to Sauvie Island which is pretty close to our house. It’s the same place we went last year for our Halloween pumpkins. You can read about that here Pumpkin Patch Adventures .
We got there and saw that they had a petting zoo which made me really excited since the other day I took Anthony to the zoo and he got to pet a goat and loved it! We decided to save the animals for last and headed towards the berry field! We had to walk quite a way so we got a wagon to put Anthony in when he got tired.

Once we got to the berries, we started picking! At first Anthony was doing great with picking the berries and putting them into the bucket until I mistakenly made a comment about eating them, then it was all over.

img_2623He literally stood at a bush and ate every single berry he picked, green ones included. It was pretty cute though!

img_2624I told him he needed to pick the dark blue ones because they’re ripe and sweet so he kept saying “blue dark….mmmmm” as he’d put them in his mouth.  SO cute! He’s talking a whole lot these days.


Once we felt like we had enough berries in our bucket we headed back to the barn area where we paid for our goods.

img_2621 That’s when we checked out the petting zoo. We almost didn’t do it because it was $5 and I thought that was kind of a lot, but Thomas just paid the guy without thinking twice… and I’m glad he did!



img_2620img_2618I had a great time with those animals. Anthony got pretty excited about them too.

It was such a good day. I’m loving the age Anthony is at and being able to do these fun little adventures as a family makes me realize how great life is.


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