This Is 30

I celebrated my 30th Birthday the last weekend in March, and it was pretty amazing! I went out drinking and dancing with 5 of my girl friends. It was the first time going out like that since before I got pregnant with Anthony.

We started the night off at a small bar downtown where everyone met up, had a few drinks then decided on the next destination which was….. a STRIP CLUB! I have kinda always wanted to go to a strip club, so when one of my friends mentioned it, I said “heck yeah!!!! Let’s goooooo!” It was so much fun. I loved watching the girls dance and was very impressed with their skills. I would totally go again. We were there for a while then decided to go dancing, which was also so much fun! We sort of swooped in on these guy’s VIP area and took over their dance pole until right before the club closed. It was seriously such a good time. We stayed out until 3am and took an Uber home. I honestly can’t wait to go out again. Also, I didn’t even get a hangover because I made a huge point to drink water and Gatorade when I got home, I was very proud of myself!

I had the last week of March off work for Spring break, which was perfect since that was also the week of my birthday. The day of my birthday I headed to Seattle for a couple days with Thomas and Anthony. We got a great Airbnb in the Queen Anne area. It was our first time using it, and the experience was great and really easy!

Join Airbnb today!

Dressed up for my birthday dinner!
His eyes are magical!
Our trip was a lot of fun, but it was sooooo cold and windy most of the time we were there. We both expected the weather to be crappy, but I didn’t prepare for the wind.

Timer pictures are never the best, but they’re better than nothing!

The last time we went to Seattle I was newly pregnant, so it was pretty neat having Anthony with us this time!DSCF8771[1].JPG


We took Anthony on a carousel, and he did not like it! he didn’t want to sit on the horse and kept grabbing me. Also, I was sooo dizzy on it, which has never happened. Maybe it was because I was standing? It was kind of hilarious haha DSCF8791[1]

We visited the aquarium in Seattle and I think the best part was the tide pools… Honestly, it was a big disappointment especially for how much it cost to get in. I don’t think we’d go back unless we somehow got in for free.

Anthony was NOT impressed with the wind
I always expected turning thirty would be really hard on me emotionally, but I’m honestly excited for my thirties! I’ve accomplished a lot in the last five years, and I’m really happy with where I’m at in life. I’m hoping to branch out and try more new things and get my little business going (I’m lagging SO hard on it ) I have an amazing husband,  the sweetest little boy, a great home, and now a new job which I’m really liking so far. There’s not much I can complain about theses days.

Here’s to turning thirty!!!


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