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Adjusting To A New Routine 

The last two weeks have gone by so fast. They have also been hard on all of us too. I started work last Monday, and was very thankful that I didn’t have to be at work until 10am on my first day. Thomas got up before me and got Anthony all ready. Once they were ready to go we decided to take a picture of Anthony since it was his first official day of Daycare. Oh my gosh, I was holding back tears so hard. When it was time for them to go I got really emotional and cried pretty dang hard when they left. I expected that though. It’s hard for me leaving him with someone we have only met with a handful of times.

Anthony surprisingly did really well his first week. He seemed a little down on Wednesday when I picked him up, but once we got home he was back to his happy self! I think it was hard for him to have such a different routine.

Can you see the tears in my eyes?! It was such a hard morning

This Monday was really hard and emotional for me. I held it together around my coworkers, but at lunch time went into my car and cried. I missed Anthony a lot that day and couldn’t help but wonder if I made the right choice to go back to work. I think lack of sleep also had something to do with it too since the time changed on Sunday. We all went to bed way too late then had to be up early. Tuesday and Wednesday were great though. My coworkers are all pretty cool and easy to get along with, and they trust that I know what I’m doing which I love, because I DO know what I’m doing. I left work yesterday feeling positive. I know I’m going to have more days when I get upset because I have separation issues when I’m away from Anthony, but I hope in the long run this ends up working out for the best. If all else fails and I end up hating it, I’ll either get a new job or go back to being home with my boy.

Also, I feel like I can’t complain because I only work three days a week, which is great since I get to be with Anthony the majority of the time. It’s really important to me that Thomas or I are the main ones he is with. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am SO thankful for how hard Thomas works for us. It feels good to be contributing financially again though.




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