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Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron

I recently got a great deal for Blue Apron so we decided to try it! I was eager to see the difference between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I wanted to see if there was one we preferred over the other. We have already gotten Hello Fresh deliveries multiple times, which you can read about in my previous posts.


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Hello Fresh Review (Part 1)

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The first thing I noticed about Blue Apron that I liked was that the box it was delivered in was a lot smaller than the Hello Fresh box we get. Once I opened the BA box, I noticed that all the ingredients were mixed in together.


HF sends the ingredients for each meal in a separate box.

Having less packaging is important to me since it is less wasteful. We recycle everything we can, but I know not every one does, so it’s nice to know that BA doesn’t have so much cardboard that could end up in a land fill somewhere. Also, I read

Another positive about the BA packaging is the meat is placed in a separate Ziploc bag so that it wont leak.


If you read my 3rd HF Review,then you know I had an issue with leakage in that box. Another point for Blue Apron!

The recipe cards for both company are laid out pretty much the same.



So, the meals from Blue Apron were soooo delicious! We were really happy with it all. I do feel like the Blue Apron recipes were a little more complex compared to Hello Fresh and seemed to take more time, BUT that could have been due to having a grumpy baby who doesn’t nap pulling at my legs the whole time. I would definitely use BA again, but I have a feeling we will use HF more often.

If you are interested in Hello Fresh, you can use my referral code to  Save $40 off your first Hello Fresh Order

Thanks for reading!


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