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The beginning of weaning

I’ve mentioned weaning before, but that was MONTHS ago. January marked 16 months of nursing. I honestly didn’t think we would go this long, but I’m following Anthony’s lead and don’t want to cut him off until he’s ready, or until I’m 100% done. I think our nursing journey will be coming to an end sooner rather than later though. He usually only nurses to bed, or sometimes once during the day if I NEED him to take a nap and can’t get him to sleep any other way. The hardest part is going to wean him from his bedtime session. I honestly have no idea how to get him to sleep without milks. Thomas and I will need to decide when it’s time, and he’ll be the one to put Anthony to sleep. Every time he nurses now, I always take it in and exam him because I’m worried it might be the last time, and it kind of breaks my heart. I’m SO excited to have my body back though. My boobs are basically back to their normal size already ( SO SAD!!!) I loved my big milk boobs and I’m really sad to see them gone haha!

One thing no one ever tells you about is the crazy hormone changes you go through when your baby starts nursing less. Or maybe it’s just me? I get SO emotional/irritated every month around my period. It’s crazy and it makes me really annoyed because I don’t feel like myself and have never had PMS or any mood swings before becoming a mom. I hate it so much. I really hope once he’s completely weaned that my insane PMS goes away. I’d rather just want to eat all the sweets in the world the few days before my period comes like I used to. Instead I lose my patience, cry and want to be left alone. It’s rough!


5 thoughts on “The beginning of weaning

  1. It’s not just you! Hormones are curious and sometimes annoying things to me, too. Especially around my period, which I’ve now had twice since having my youngest (now seven months old). (((hugs))) to you, weaning is hard emotionally! :/

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