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First Haircut 

We took Anthony to get his first haircut today! He had a pretty good mullet forming, so we decided it was time to get rid of the party in the back! He did sooo good! We took him to a new barber shop in our neighborhood. We really liked it there and Anthony and Thomas will both be return customers. 

We took a couple pictures before we left for the barber, but the extent of his mullet doesn’t really show, and the pictures that show the length in the back were waaaay too dark. He’s pretty adorable though! 

We weren’t sure how he was going to handle the haircut. I thought he would be calm, but you just never know with a toddler. The lady working on him got a booster seat out, we sat him down, and he just sat there patiently. He looked sooo serious the entire time, I couldn’t handle it! My eyes got teary because my BABY is growing up! She snipped a piece of hair for me, then finished the rest. You can’t tell too much from the front that his hair was cut but it looks great in the back! 

Once he was finished, Thomas was up for his haircut so Anthony and I hung out on the other side of the shop. 

For the most part he was patient, but once he warmed up to the place he wanted to touch EVERYTHING. So, we went next door to a kid’s store where he played around with a tool bench until Thomas was done with his appointment. It was a good day, and I’m realizing I need to keep track of more random outings like this. 


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