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Never Ending Snow

Last week we had a crazy storm pretty much out of nowhere and got 11 inches of snow! It was soooo exciting the night it first fell and the first couple of days, but I’m so over it now. I haven’t gotten to write in my blog like I wanted because Thomas was working from home and using the computer all day. I prefer to type out my posts instead of using the app on my phone.. it just feels better!

Can you spot the cat walking down the street?
Anthony was not impressed with the snow. He finally started walking and wanted nothing to do with the snow, to my disappointment. 
The night the snow started (Tuesday), we put Anthony to bed then headed outside to play! The snow was so fluffy and perfect! The kind of snow you always dream about. When we first went outside we had 6 inches of snow. We made an amazing snow man that we were very proud of. We came inside around 11pm and had 7 inches before going inside. In the morning, it was STILL snowing. Once it stopped Thomas went out to measure and we had 11 inches. It was crazy and very pretty.

We named him Herald

We went to our friend’s house on Friday night, which was a lot of fun. It felt great to be out socializing. It helps that they live about a mile from us so we didn’t have far to drive.  We went out over the weekend to random places nearby too, and it was nice being out and weird to see so much snow covering Portland, but man! The roads were bad in most areas.

So, I have basically been stuck in the house because I’m too paranoid to drive on icy roads. Portland is not equipped for snow, so hardly any of the roads get plowed which means we had packed down snow that would slightly melt during the day then refreeze at night. Very dangerous, especially because no one knows how to drive in it. I never thought I could miss the rain so much. It finally started raining and warming up last night, so it looks like the roads will start clearing up now! I can’t wait to leave the house again without being scared to slide off the road randomly.


2 thoughts on “Never Ending Snow

  1. 11 inches, oh how jealous I am of that kind of snow!! I’m from Michigan so I. Know the reality of the hardships of it but I miss the beauty. Your photos are so pretty!


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