Getting More Sleep and a Positive Attitude

Anthony has finally started to sleep through the night again (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!!!) It’s been 5 days now, I think. Since he’s been back into his usual routine of sleeping from 8:30/9pm -8am I have found that I feel happier, and more positive about life. I’m a huge fan of sleeping, HUGE FAN! Like, in my free time I sometimes just want to sleep because sleeping is my favorite. That sounds really lazy of me, but you know what? I am lazy! I love lazing around the house. I don’t always do that, and usually stay busy and productive throughout the days, or else I start feeling a little down.

So, more sleep for me means I’m a better mama and have more patience and more energy to play with my boy! I’m one of those people that can’t function if I get less than 8 hours of sleep, and tend to get sick if I don’t get the sleep my body needs. Did I ever mention how hard the first 3 months of motherhood was because of this? Until Anthony started sleeping through the night, I was in this never ending fog, as I’m sure all new moms are. It was weird when he started sleeping through the night and I FINALLY felt awake. Then, out of nowhere at 13 months, Anthony stopped sleeping through the night and was going to bed at 11pm or later every night. Hello grumpy mom! Yeeesh. I feel like maybe I shouldn’t even be writing this because I’m worried he’ll wake up a million times tonight, but I need to share this news! I’ve been getting sleep, and I feel like myself again!

I also started working out last week and I feel really excited about it. I found a workout that is pretty easy, and not very long. I felt like starting out slow this time and working my way up to longer more intense workouts will keep my motivation up. Usually if I start working out, I feel burnt out and dreading it by day 3, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll follow this workout for 5 more weeks, then I plan on finding something a little harder but similar to what I’m doing now. My ultimate goal is to be fit, and toned!

Anyways, I also feel like I need to start thinking more positive about everything. I feel like the last couple of weeks I lost control of my happy self, with hormones, lack of sleep and just being in the house because the weather has been awful (SO cold). I hope everyone’s new year has started out the way they are hoping it would and continues to go that way. So far, I feel like we are going to have a really good year.


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