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Christmas Update

Our Christmas was so nice. We stayed home, just the three of us. Christmas is a lot calmer since living in Portland. Our families are in California and we haven’t had them here to celebrate the holidays with us… yet.

One of our traditions for Christmas morning is opening our stockings in bed. I love this! Thomas said they always did that when he was growing up, so we have been doing that since moving in together.


Veda got in on the stocking fun!
Another tradition we have is getting oranges in our stockings. Anthony obviously couldn’t wait to eat his!


After we’re done with stockings we head into the living room, turn on A Christmas Story and start opening the rest of our gifts! When I was growing up we always watched the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story, and we make sure we watch it way too many times on Christmas day. I love it!


Anthony and Claire were very excited to open gifts!


We were hoping Anthony would be really excited to open his gifts, but he had no interest at all in ripping them open. I was actually pretty surprised that he never bothered with the gifts that we had under the tree.


So, last year and this year Thomas and I decided not to tell each other what we bought for Anthony to add to the Christmas fun! I had NO idea he got him this amazing car, and it was so exciting to see him wheel it in! Anthony loves it too!

How cute is this little boy on his car?!
We had such a good day. I was able to buy Thomas the smart watch he’s been wanting by selling a ton of crocheted items. I am SOOOO thankful for every one that has supported my little business. It was so fun surprising him with such a great gift.

Once we were done with gifts We talked with our families, then went for a walk around our neighborhood. We usually go hiking on Christmas, but the morning went so quick that we ran out of time since we had to get the turkey in the oven, so we went for a walk instead. I made a huge turkey dinner to feast on along with a homemade apple pie that was delicious! I already can’t wait for next Christmas. There’s something about it that just feels so magical, and it’s even better now that we get to celebrate with Anthony.





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