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Oregon Zoo Lights

We went to Oregon Zoo Lights for the first time last weekend, and it was so much fun! The day we chose to go ended up being perfect, because it wasn’t raining! We had to take advantage of that so we could enjoy it more, especially since the forecast for the coming days were all rainy, or even had snow predicted.

The parking lot was so crowded when we got there, and the lines for tickets were pretty long, but since we are members, we didn’t have to wait in the lines. We got our tickets, then headed inside! Once we were in, it didn’t seem as crowded as we thought it would be. The lights were so pretty, and it was so fun seeing Anthony look at them. He wanted to touch some of them too.

Basically all the lights in the zoo were turned off, so we didn’t see many animals. We got to see a seal swimming around and watch the elephants having dinner.

It felt kind of magical and makes me so excited for all the coming years that we get to celebrate Christmas with Anthony. Next year when we go, he’ll be able to walk/run around and choose which lights we see, and that’s going to make it even better.

His grumpy face cracks me up. I swear he was happy!

After the zoo we decided to go to Rock Bottom for dinner. We thought we would both share our food with Anthony and got him a side of broccoli as well, and literally all he wanted was Thomas’ french fries. He didn’t even eat the avocado that Thomas offered him, which is his favorite! He was a little french fry beast, and now we know that we either have to just order him fries, or we can’t even order them ourselves if we want him to eat anything healthier than that. Crazy kid. It was fun taking him to dinner though, it had been a while since we have done that. He’s usually really good too, and just hangs out and plays with random things on the table.

It’s still just the beginning of December, and we have already had a great month! We are hoping to see some more lights and find other activities to do leading up to Christmas.


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