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Nursing bracelet review

A couple weeks ago a small shop I follow on Instagram called DearLovesCompany made a post about looking for bloggers to collaborate with and write a review for their nursing bracelets. I have followed them for a while and got really excited about it, so I sent them an email and they let me know they were interested in working with me (YAY). They allowed me to choose the style and color of my bracelet, then shipped it to me. I chose the gold kite with a slate cord. I’m kind of digging gold these days, which is definitely new to me. They have a lot of different styles and colored cords to choose from, so you will for sure find something that appeals to you.

I was very happy when it arrived and couldn’t wait to put it on. They sent it in this cute little pouch and in it was also instructions on how to tie a knot in the bracelet cord,  how to care for it, a thank you card, and a business card. I loved all the personal touches.


I had my husband tie the knot for me while we had it around my wrist to make sure I got it to fit securely but still be able to easily remove it.

dscf79291I love this bracelet. I feel like it’s very feminine and well made. I love how stretchy the cord is. Since it’s a nursing bracelet, it is made to switch from one wrist to the other so that you know which side you last nursed on. I find this very helpful, since I am usually very guilty of just feelin’ myself up to see which side is fuller, then that’s the side I would offer. It’s great having a subtle and beautiful reminder of which side you nursed on last. The bracelet is also very light weight, I can hardly tell that I have it on. I usually end up sleeping with it on, and I haven’t woken up to it feeling too tight or uncomfortable.


It’s so pretty, that even when I am done with my nursing adventure, I will continue to wear this nursing bracelet. My son loves to play with it while drinking his milk too. I think it’s a good distraction instead of him sticking his little fingers in my nose or eyes. I’m thankful that it is stretchy so that I don’t have to worry about it breaking if he happens to pull on it too much.


I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family. If you are interested in seeing all they have to offer, here is a link to their shop  I hope you will all check them out and enjoy their products as much as I have.

I had so much fun writing this review and am completely honest with everything I have written about this nursing bracelet. dscf79481


2 thoughts on “Nursing bracelet review

  1. Your son is so cute! I always relied on the boob grab technique to know which side I was on and sometimes it was painfully obvious 🙂 That bracelet is very pretty though.

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