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Hunting for the perfect tree

The Sunday after Thanks Giving we decided to get our Christmas tree! Since moving to Oregon, we have started the tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. It’s so much fun to walk through all the trees searching for the perfect one. We inadvertently ended up going to the tree farm we went to on our first Christmas in Portland.


The last couple of years we went to a tree far that was about 35 minutes away, and you had to search forever for the perfect tree, but this time within 2 minutes of grabbing our saw we saw a tree that looked perfect!


Did I mention it was FREEZING out? The car thermometer said it was 43 degrees, plus there was a breeze happening too. SO cold! I’m glad I happened to have an extra hoodie in the car and that we brought our hats. There was a nice fire going in the fire pit where the owners were handing out saws, and a lot of people were standing around it.


We wandered around for a little bit more and came across THE PERFECT TREE! Oh my gosh, we were scared to walk away and look at more because we didn’t want to lose it. I didn’t want to be done, because we had just got there, but we couldn’t leave this tree behind! So, Thomas got to cutting it down!


I feel like I should mention that the saws at this tree farm we very sharp, and it didn’t take anytime for Thomas to cut it down. YAhooooooo!!

We proceeded to pay for our tree and I got Anthony in the car so we could warm up while Thomas tied the tree to the roof. Anthony kept watching from the inside, and it was adorable.


P.S. I made that hat for him, and I can’t get over how perfect it turned out haha.


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