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Park Time 

Anthony and I went to the park today after running to the post office. It was sunny and warm (until the sun hid behind some clouds, then It got cold quick) he gets bored when we stay home too much and starts getting into Everything. I need to get better about going outside even if it’s cold. It will be easier once he walks, but for now I let him crawl around and get wet/dirty because I want him to have a good time. 

Shortly after taking this picture, I decided it would be fun to take Anthony down the slide, so I walked up the steps and went to walk over the little bridge that leads to the slide, and I FELL!!! I had Anthony in my arms, slipped since the bridge was kind of wet, and straight up fell. My elbow broke our fall and I basically landed on my back. Anthony didn’t get hurt at all, but I think it startled him. It was so embarrassing. It probably looked pretty intense. Luckily there was only one other mom there with her two young kids. She made sure we were ok, then we kind of chatted a little bit. I am never walking on that bridge again! I just wanted to be a fun mom and go down the slide with Anthony, buuuuut I failed. I’m so thankful I didn’t break my arm, and that Anthony didn’t get hurt. I have a pretty gnarly bruise though! 

Ah, my sweet boy! He kept watching another little boy play. He’s very observant and just sits and takes in his surroundings before getting comfortable and exploring by himself. 


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