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Utensils and a baby

Most of the time Anthony eats with his hands. Sometimes he wants to have a fork or spoon on his tray while eating, but he usually doesn’t touch it, or will just hold it in one hand and eventually drop it to the ground where the dog proceeds to lick it clean.

The other day I decided to sit down with him and have him practice using a spoon. I gave him greek yogurt since he’s obsessed with it, and would hopefully feel motivated to use his spoon in order to eat it. He did very well at first, and I was pretty surprised at his ability to scoop yogurt onto his spoon and get most of it in his mouth. Then, out of nowhere after he would take two bites he started crying…. I figure it’s because he couldn’t eat it as fast as he wanted to since he was feeding himself in a new way. This child eats SO fast. He definitely gets that from Thomas because I eat very, very slow.



I had a great time watching him eat. Eventually he said “forget this”, dropped the spoon and picked up the yogurt container and shoved it into his face so he could just lick the yogurt out. It was hilarious to me, and I couldn’t stop laughing. My boy has such a fun personality. Using utensils will definitely take practice, but it will be fun teaching him.




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