Here we go…

Ok, I don’t usually get into politics at all… this was actually the first time that I voted for a president because I actually did research and felt strongly enough about issues to make a decision. I’m going to rant for a minute, and I do not want this to turn into a debate. I’m going to write out my feelings and end it at that. I am not a pro at politics, and definitely don’t think I know everything, but I do know what I stand for and kind of just need to vent it out. I might even be wrong with some issues, and if I am, I accept that.

Right from the start I didn’t like Trump. I remember watching small segments of The Apprentice YEARS ago and thinking about how much I disliked him and the way he treated the people on the show. First impressions stick for me. It would take me a while to get over that. So, when I heard he was running for president I thought it was a joke, like that time Roseanne Barr was running, (I may have voted for her though haha) Anyways, once I found out it was legit, I was very surprised and confused by it. For one, I think it’s strange when celebrities run for political positions. Like when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for the governor of California, um, what??? I almost feel like they shouldn’t because they may win based on the movies/shows they were famous for rather than what they want to accomplish while in office. Weird.

So, back to where I was going. I never liked Trump, but wouldn’t just write off what he stood for because I didn’t like him. Who knew, MAYBE he would be a great president, but from what I saw he didn’t treat anyone with the respect he should of. I feel like he was unprofessional and not someone I wanted to run our country. I feel like he brought out a lot of hate and fear in people. Before the primaries, I took a quiz online to see who I most agreed with in terms of different policies, because like I said, I had never really been into politics before, but something felt different this time. I ended up getting 96% for Bernie Sanders,  (“Who the heck is that???” I thought, since no one was really talking about him)and like 35% or something like that for Trump.  So I did some research and found that I agreed with him on almost everything. He was my candidate, and I didn’t care if it was against most of my families beliefs. I’m not going to let other people influence me on where I stand. I voted for him in the primaries and was very sad when Hilary was the winner. I didn’t have a connection with her at all, and never even considered her to be the person i would vote for, but there she was.

I did more research on her and found that I did agreed with some important things she wanted to do while in office. I never was fully 100% was for her, but in my opinion, she was still better than Trump. Last week I took that same quiz and I got 94% for Hilary and only 4% for Trump. So, she was my nominee. My dad will probably want to disown me if he reads this, buuuuuuut, He knows I love him no matter what haha.

Alright, so Trump wins. I was shocked. More than anything I was shocked at how I felt about it. I didn’t sleep much the night of the election and felt pretty bummed out yesterday because of it. It’s upsetting to me that he may take over women’s rights to choose what they do with their bodies, and harder for them to get birth control. I want to be able to decide 100% what to do with my own body. If I wanted an abortion, that’s MY choice, no one else’s. I don’t even know if I would be able to afford birth control if he gets rid of the healthcare system we have now. Not to mention how he could change things for the LGBT community. I don’t want our country to go backwards. Also, building that wall gets to me too. I know a lot of people that have family here “illegally” but most of them are hard workers and pay taxes just like the rest of us, what happens to them? I feel like it’s unfair to threaten deportation of the people that have been here for years and are making an honest and better living than what they could be getting from their original countries. I could even be wrong about this whole thing, but this is what I have gathered. I know things are still up in the air, and we don’t actually know how this is going to work out, but I REALLY hope it’s not bad. I hope Trump proves all of us non believers wrong and that maybe, just maybe he will make our country even better.

Also, my 8 year old niece said yesterday that one of her friends at school said she was worried about becoming an orphan now that Trump is going to be president because her parents are Mexican. I feel like that is sooooo sad. Our president should not instill fear on anyone in this country. I’m going to try being optimistic with this term and like I said, I really hope he proves us wrong.

I will not argue with anyone, I’m open to everyone’s opinions because we are all entitled to our own beliefs. I won’t judge or stop talking to any of you that feel differently from me, and I hope you will do the same. I needed to type this out and get it off my mind because it was weighing very heavily on me. Lets hope for a great four years in our futures!