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Sleep Regression and a tired mama

Last week was ROUGH. I’m pretty sure Anthony was going through a crazy growth spurt. He woke up a lot throughout the night and took a lot of comforting to go back to sleep. Once I was in bed, I couldn’t fall back to sleep which obviously made me miss out on more sleep. 

During one of the wakings at night I started doing some research and found that sleep regression is very common in babies that are thirteen months old. Okay, great! At least there’s a reason. Having a reason for things let’s me better cope with it and helps me to not get so frustrated. I like to know he’s not just freaking for no reason. 

Apparently sleep regression happens when baby is developing physically and/or mentally. In this case I think it’s both since he’s starting to talk more and trying to figure out how to walk. 

I took this picture one of the days when he finally stopped whining at me and gave me a calm couple of minutes. You can tell I’m worn out and that his smile is more of a half hearted one, but I’m glad I captured this moment. Parenthood is not always easy. I usually write more about the positives, and it could be because I’m generally a happy person, but I think it’s good for people to see that other moms have rough days, or weeks. Motherhood is HARD. I absolutely wouldn’t trade it for anything though. I love being a mom more than anything. 

Anyways, By Thursday I needed to get out of the house for more than just running errands, so Anthony and I went to my sister’s house! I even treated myself to a fancy iced coffee from Jack In The Box on the way (hey girl, hey!)  even though I had a huge cup of coffee before leaving the house. I was exhausted by Thursday and felt just as tired as I did when Anthony was a newborn. We hung out for a while, took my nephew to preschool then We (Anthony, my sister and niece) went to the park. Both of the babies fell asleep on the ten minute drive, of course, so we sat in our cars with the windows down talking to each other until they woke up, then we went to the play ground. 

I have fun watching Anthony at the park. He still doesn’t walk and is just very curious about the other kids, so at first he just sits there observing everyone before getting comfortable enough to crawl around and possibly interact with the other kids/babies. Being outside felt AMAZING. It was even sunny AND warm which never happens in November here. 

I took this right before we left the park. I was hoping to give him a snack so he could sleep on the way home and not wake up super hangry. He loves bananas. Just look at that huge bite he has in his cheek. My sweet boy! 

Thursday evening I finally started to feel like things were getting back to normal for Anthony’s mood and for mine too. Being outside probably helped both of us more than we think. 

Let’s hope next week is better for us! 


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