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Celebrating Love 

Today is our anniversary! We are celebrating five years of marriage and eleven years of being a couple. Wow, time flies!

The last five years have been the most exciting for us. We got married and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, which was the best vacation ever! (So far) On our one year wedding anniversary we visited Portland and decided to move here! We had fun times partying, hiking, and camping. We then bought a house and made it into an amazing home. Once we were settled we decided it was time for our family to grow! Last year Anthony was just three days shy of being a month old on our anniversary.

It’s been an amazing eleven years. Of course we have had our hard times, but we have made it through them. I’m so thankful for the wonderful man I married. He’s my best friend and accepts my crazy weirdness (most of the time, or he fakes it really well) I love the life we have built together and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Yesterday my sister watched Anthony for us so that we could go on a day date! We planned on hiking, but couldn’t find parking where we wanted to go, so we walked around downtown then had an early dinner at Portland City Grill

It was such a clear day, the view at dinner was amazing! Our food was delicious too. After dinner we walked to Moonstruck and each got a macaron for dessert before picking Anthony up. It was a really good day and felt so good to have some alone time.

To celebrate today, we went for a hike near our house! It was such a nice day. It was overcast but the weather was perfect for hiking.


Thomas wore Anthony, which was great. I love having a break from carrying him. We hiked a total of three miles.


He kept looking up at the trees, he looked so funny

After our hike we went Coffeehouse Northwest for lattes, then went to Scrap so I could get some boxes to ship out my crocheted goods.

We had a really good day and I’m glad we spent time together as a family today.


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