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Rainy Day Activities

The rainy season has finally arrived in Portland. It was literally raining all day yesterday without ever letting up. It was a very soggy/dreary day. It got me thinking that I need to figure out what to do with Anthony during the fall/winter. 

How amazing is this view from the museum?!

He tends to get very bored and antsy if we don’t leave the house often, which I totally get since I’m the same way! It makes sense… nobody wants to be couped up in one place 24/7. We usually go to my sister’s house once a week, then she’ll come to our house, which is great for me because I need some adult interactions. Anthony is a great guy, but he’s not so good at holding a conversation… yet! 

So, today it was supposed to be another very wet day. I took Anthony to Book Babies this morning at the library near our house. It was so much fun. It had been about a month since we last went due to having visitors, being sick, and traveling. When we were done there we met up with my sister and her three kids at the Children’s Museum. This place is great, but it was soooo crowded today. They had a musical performance happening right when we showed up, which explains why it was so busy. Also, I’m sure every other parent had the same idea about getting out of the house for the day. 

We steered the kids away from the main attractions and found a nice calm area where the kids spent a lot of time playing in this tree trunk. 

My sister is a member and got me in for only $5. They have something for kids of all ages. I’m considering becoming members so we have a nice place to go during the cold months. We’re members at the zoo, but I don’t know how I feel about looking at animals in the rain/freezing cold. 

Anthony and his cousin playing with puzzles

What kind of things do you do to keep your little ones entertained in the winter? I don’t want us to get cabin fever! 


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities

  1. It’s so nice that you have places close by to take Anthony on rainy days! I’m so afraid to drive in the rain though. We usually build forts, do arts and crafts or play wii. For my kids they need exercise on rainy days or they don’t sleep good. That’s why I love the wii. And if it’s not cold we sometimes even play in the rain!

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    1. That all sounds so fun! I can’t wait to do that with Anthony. I’m hoping he starts walking soon so we can play in the rain. I don’t know if he’d want to crawl around in cold wet grass haha I had to get used to driving in the rain after we moved here, so I don’t mind it unless there’s a down pour

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