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Pumpkin Patch Adventures 

We went to the pumpkin patch that’s not too far from our house on Saturday. It was such a perfect fall day! It was gloomy out, but the weather was great. We even got warm when the sun decided to break through the clouds. 

Growing up, going to a pumpkin patch basically meant going to a dirt field on a busy road that was made to look festive with hay bales and pumpkins laid out all over the place. They were so expensive too. Always very crowded as well.  Now it’s so much fun going. 

The one we have gone to the last two years has a corn maze, a barn with animals, a you-pick area, hay rides, and a little market where you can buy produce that’s locally grown. 

Living in Oregon has made me love fall, because it feels like I always thought fall should feel! When we first got to the pumpkin patch, we decided right away that we needed to do the hay ride and go to the area where you pick your own pumpkins! We didn’t get to do that last year since Anthony was a newborn and I just didn’t feel like it. 

We walked around the field for a while trying hard to find our perfect pumpkins. We kept holding them up for Anthony to see and he would get so excited! 

I loves doing things with just our little family. It’s one of the things that always makes me feel so much joy. There is just so much love between the three of us. 

Once we decided on the ones we wanted, we decided to take Anthony out of the carrier and get some pictures of him with our pumpkins. So fun! It was such a good day, and a good start to all the holidays that are going to come way quicker than expected. 


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