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Did I mention I crochet?

My best friend and I started crocheting together about… 9 years ago. We were hanging out one day and got to talking about crocheting not realizing the other one also knew how. So, we decided to start our own little business! It was a HUGE success in the beginning. We made tons of sales through Myspace (before Facebook was huge), friends/family bought items, then we eventually branched out and started using Etsy! It has been so much fun. In the last couple of years we have slowed down a bit with making new items. We may have burnt ourselves out in the beginning, but every now and then, magic happens and we make new items!

I FINALLY got the urge to crochet over this weekend for the first time since July. I whipped up this adorable Fox Cowl and hope that it makes someone very happy!

My model was not amused. 

Here is a link to our shop! It’s pretty bare these days, but that may change in the future.

Follow Link to Purchase Cowl


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