Tips On Traveling With A 1 Year Old???

Okay, guys! We are going to New York on SUNDAY! Sunday! I’m super excited! I haven’t had any time to prepare for the trip because Anthony started getting sick Tuesday and wanted extra cuddles/nursing snuggles. Then on Wednesday I woke up sick and progressively got worse as the day went on, Thursday was even worse. I couldn’t even get off the couch/ out of bed. I thought for sure I was dying (not really) but I felt like death. Sore throat, couldn’t talk, chills, aches, fever, it was awful! So it’s now Friday and I woke up feeling more like myself just with a sore throat and still super tired because Anthony kept me up all night since he also didn’t feel good. We took it slow today. I didn’t want to push myself into thinking I’m better because then I’ll just start feeling gross again.

So, our trip to New York… It’s been planned for a very long time. Thomas has to go to a conference for work and I was like “girl, you are NOT going to New York without me!” We both have never been and have wanted to go forever. We talked it out and decided Anthony and I will go with him! He has to work two of the days we’ll be there but then we have two other days to spend time with him. My mom who lives in California is meeting us there so I have an exploring buddy on the days Thomas is at work. The difference for flying this time around is:

  1. The flight is 5 and half hours (we’ve only flown 2 and a half hours with Anthony)
  2. We are staying in a hotel (we usually stay with family when traveling)
  3. Anthony is mobile now
  4. Anthony eats real food now, we need to pack food/snacks
  5. I can’t just stick Anthony on my boob whenever he gets upset now, because he will probably bite my poor nipples.

Any suggestions for keeping a 1 year old entertained on our laps for almost 6 hours?! We don’t let him watch TV yet, or play with our phones. I’d like to continue staying away from that for now. I’m thinking we’ll bring him books, blocks…. and I’m not really sure what else. Our flight on Sunday is at 6:15am, so I’m kind of hoping once we get on the plane the disturbance in Anthony’s sleep will catch up to him and he’ll take a nap. I know we’re all going to be exhausted, and I hope we all get some rest. I am just SO excited to see a new place! I went to Maine when I was two years old, but I don’t even count that, which means this is my first time on the East Coast! Eeeeeek!!!!


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