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Birthday Weekend

Anthony’s birthday weekend was pretty busy, but in a good way! My Sister In-law and Nephew flew in from Northern California on Friday evening.  Saturday was the party, and Sunday we went to the Oregon Zoo! We got family zoo passes from Thomas’ company and were very excited to use them for the first time. The zoo was pretty busy this time around. Probably because it was a Sunday AND the weather was amazing! We just kind of did our rounds and looked at everything we came across. It was a really good day! My nephew is three years old, so it was fun to see him getting excited about the different animals.

It’s crazy to see pictures of Anthony riding on my back because he looks sooo big. I’m still trying to figure out how to get him on my back without someone helping me, but he seems to really enjoy it up there.


In this picture, we were looking at some little monkeys and Anthony was cracking up! It was hilarious. Every time the monkey would move he would start laughing.


Taking a break from walking/being in the carrier. How handsome are these guys??? I love seeing them together. They melt my heart.


Apparently looking at all the animals made this little guy pretty sleepy!


After the zoo we went to Bollywood Theater for lunch! If you’re in the Portland area and like Indian food, you NEED to go there. It’s so delicious! I wish I was eating it again right now.

Once we were done with lunch we went to Eb and Bean for frozen yogurt then went on a hunt for a park so Anthony and Vincent (my nephew) could play for a while.

The park we ended up going to had a splash pad and the boys were all about it! Even Anthony decided he needed to get into the water.

Then we hit up the swings before heading home for the night. It was such a good day.

On Anthony’s actual birthday we went to Waffle Window for breakfast then went to a couple different stores to find a hiking carrier for Anthony. We found a couple we liked but didn’t love them, so we need to keep looking! Any of you have suggestions for hiking carriers for your little ones?


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