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Having A One Year Old

Anthony turned 1 year old yesterday! We had his birthday party at our house on Saturday. Someone said it was a very Portland birthday because we got cupcakes from Cupcake Jones, ice cream from Salt and Straw and food from Jimmy John’s. Also, we had Ninkasi beer. We invited our closest friends that live out here, my sister came with her kids, and my sister Inlaw and nephew flew in from Northern California. 

Anthony seemed to really enjoy himself.  He got to play with his cousins and get passed around between all our friends that came to celebrate. I wish we took some more pictures, but we were busy with other things. 

He got some great gifts and seems to be excited about the new toys that are in the house. Thomas and I got him a little ukelele since he is constantly trying to play with Thomas’ guitars. I think it’s his favorite gift for now! 

The face he made when his cousin took the guitar

So, I have a thing about watching babies eat their first piece of birthday cake and was super excited to see how Anthony reacted to the chocolatey goodness that was on his tray. We sang him Happy Birthday and he just sat patiently looking at the candles. First he dipped his little fingers in the frosting a couple times then literally picked the whole thing up and shoved it into his mouth. It was hilarious! He loved it! He ate almost all of the cupcake too.

After cake, the party kind of died down slowly and one by one everyone left. It was a really great day and I’m so glad we have such great friends out here that wanted to celebrate this exciting day with us. I’m still in shock that my baby is a year old, but there is obviously nothing I can do about it! I can’t wait to see what the next years have in store for us! 


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