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Fun At The Park

On Saturday we walked around the Farmer’s Market, got coffee, went into some local shops, then decided to take Anthony to the park before heading home.

It was the first time that he went on the swings all by himself! He seemed to really like it. I was paranoid at first and put my sweater in the swing with him so he wouldn’t slide forward. It was a lot of fun watching him have such a good time. We let him swing for a little while, then I took him on a spiral slide! I’m totally going to be the crazy mom all up on the toys playing with my son (if he wants me there haha) It was a lot of fun! It made me really excited for what’s to come in our little boy’s life.


He’s going to be a kid! A kid who wants to run and play all day! A kid who will probably want to jump in mud puddles and make a huge mess while having the best time of his life. I’m really looking forward to that! I can’t wait to explore with him and get dirty and use our imaginations with him. It’s going to be so much fun!


I really hope I can be the type of mom who always wants to play and have a good time. I want to encourage the imagination our boy is going to have and hope I can play make believe with him. I want his little brain to run wild and help him make things with his sweet little hands. Being a parent is crazy. A part of me can’t wait for him to be older, then the rest of me wants him to stay a sweet baby forever! It’s just so amazing watching the little human we made grow and start becoming his own little person.


My loves!

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