Story Time

I have always known I wanted to read to my kids at bed time. I want them to know how fun reading can be and for them to let their imaginations come to life through books. I remember my mom sometimes reading to us when we were kids, but as I got older I didn’t enjoy reading. Until I graduated High School, I never read for fun. Sure, I found books I liked when I had to read for school (All the Judy Blume books) but I never read by choice. The summer after I graduated was when I finally got into reading. I started reading a couple books a year. I still go through phases when I don’t read for long periods of time, then I get back into it.

Thomas and I tried to make story time a nightly routine with Anthony, but most of the time he gets angry and doesn’t have patience to sit through a book. Maybe we wait too long to the point where he is too tired and just wants milk? I’m not sure, but we will keep trying! While we were in California my Mother in-law bought Anthony a couple books and he actually likes looking at them a lot! He will grab them out of his little toy box we have in the living room and start flipping through the pages. I have noticed that if I read to him during the day, he is more likely to sit still and look at the book, and generally seems interested in it.


A couple weeks ago Anthony and I started going to Book Babies at our local library. Going in on the first day I expected an employee of the library would just read a book while the parents and babies sat around listening. Well, it was totally different than I expected and so much fun! I got there about 5 minutes before the class started and sat down in a circle with all the other moms and dads with their babies. A lady came in and started blowing bubbles and singing to get everyone focused and happy. We sang songs, danced with baby, read a short book, played with shaker eggs, then a huge bucket of toys was dumped out on the floor for all the babies to play with while the parents socialized. All of the parents were so friendly and it was a really good experience! I decided that it has to happen every Friday. I even signed Anthony up for Summer Reading. I thought it would be a fun way to keep up with story time. They gave me a game board to fill out, so every 15 minutes of reading we do, we color in a circle. Once the game board is fill we can exchange it for a T-shirt or onsie.


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