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Mom Guilt

Ever since Anthony was born I have had mom guilt. I’d feel guilty when I put him down so I could sit alone. I’d feel guilty leaving him in his swing if he was awake. I feel guilty for wanting to take a shower while he’s awake. 

I have gotten over some of that…kind of. I still have days where I just want to be alone and do something/anything without having to worry about what the baby is doing/eating off the floor. It makes me feel so bad. Yesterday I felt really annoyed and irritated for no reason. Anthony was being great too! I just needed a nap and some space from him. When these thoughts get into my head though, I feel so guilty! Like, why would I ever want to spend time away from my baby? 

Eventually we both took a nap, and I woke up feeling like myself again and wanting to cuddle up my sweet boy. He really is so, so sweet. He woke up and instantly smiled at me from across the room and all those negative feelings just went away. 


4 thoughts on “Mom Guilt

  1. That feeling has never left me. Rowe is 10 and I still have mom guilt when I’m not being 100% devoted to my babies. Even grocery shopping trips give me the guilts. I HATE taking the kids grocery shopping so I plan them for when Brett is home and stays with them. Then I rush home because I feel guilty for leaving them behind!!

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