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Traveling With Baby

Before having a baby I thought traveling with one would be extremely difficult and stressful. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far, but plane rides with Anthony have been easy… so far. Tomorrow will be his 5th time flying. I wasn’t in a plane that much until I was 25! He’s going to be a professional traveler. We are flying down to Southern California to see our families. It’s perfect timing since we will be able to celebrate one of my nephews birthday parties.

I try to pack as lightly as possible because I’m not a fan of lugging things around the airport. Since babies can very easily get messy, I usually pack 2 outfits for each day we are going to be gone.You just never know when they’re going to have poop up to their necks or get a lap full of throw up.

She does this every time we’re packing
The first time we flew with Anthony, he had just turned 3 months old. We had about 5 minutes before boarding, so I decided to change him right before we got on the plane. Good thing I did! As soon as I took him out of the carrier, I saw it. The poop all the way up his back. I literally just took his clothes off and threw them in the trash. Who cares, right? He probably wouldn’t fit in that outfit in a week anyways! It was awful and frustrating having to deal with that while people came in and out of stalls since the changing table just HAD to be next to the sinks. Why are they placed out in the open like that anyway? It makes me uncomfortable, and I always feel like everyone is watching me and judging the way I change my baby. I’m sure I’m imagining all of that. I just prefer to change him in a big stall, or my go to is changing him in the back of my car.

So, back to what we bring with us! Two outfits for each day we’ll be gone, plus something comfy for the airport/plane. We bring enough diapers and wipes for the day of travel, and usually my mother in law provides us with diapers and wipes so we don’t have to worry about those once we get there. I always wear Anthony in the Tula Carrier when we get to the airport. He’s the happiest in there, it gives me free hands, and we don’t have to deal with a stroller. We always bring his car seat with us too and check that at the counter, which is always free. Since he’s older this time, I plan on bringing a couple books I got from the dollar section at Target, and little toys he’s been playing with a lot. I’m also going to be bringing him some snacks too.




I’m a little nervous for this plane ride. The last couple times we flew, I’d just stick him on my boob if he started to seem antsy, but now he’s a lot bigger and has very busy hands. He’s constantly grabbing at everything in sight and I’m worried he’s going to get bored. One thing I do whenever we take off and land, is nurse him. It supposedly helps keep their ears from getting clogged during the change in elevation. Using a pacifier or bottle will do the same thing. Let hope it’s a good trip and that we don’t have a fussy baby on the plane! Did I mention our flight is at 6:30am? We’re going to be zombies by the time we get to our destination.


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