A little history to help us get acquainted

Hey there! My name is Becka! I’m just going to do a quick introductory so you all can get a feel for my story and who I am. My husband and I have been together for 10 1/2 years now. We started dating the fall after we graduated from High School (crazy, right?!) We both grew up in a small town in Southern California, which is also where we lived until 3 1/2 years ago. On our first wedding anniversary, we visited Portland, OR and fell in LOVE immediately. So much, that we actually started looking for jobs and apartments while we were still on our vacation. Well, 6 weeks after our first trip to Portland, we were living here! It was the best choice we could have ever made.

Once we settled into our house and had time to explore, drink, go to many concerts, and drink some more (we love finding new breweries to go to) We decided it was time to start our family! Our son was planned in a way that we knew we wanted a baby, and just let it happen when it happened. We knew he/she would come to us when the timing was right

I found out I was pregnant in January 2015, the day before my period was supposed to come. I had a dentist appointment that day and for some reason something told me I should take a test even though I didn’t “feel” pregnant. So, I took the test and before I was even done peeing on the stick, it was showing a positive! I was so excited/shocked/shaky! I couldn’t believe I was actually pregnant! I sent a picture to my sister right away and said “Is this real life?!?!?” She assured me that it was real and was so excited for us! I ended up taking one more test later in the day just to be sure! I didn’t tell Thomas until he got home from work, because I needed to do it in person so we could celebrate together! It KILLED me to have to wait a whole 8 hours knowing such huge/amazing changes were coming!

I’ll write some more about my pregnancy and birth story in a later post. I have actually never written out my birth story, and can’t wait to do it!


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